Гиганти в торакалната медицина: Питър Барнс

Giants in Chest Medicine

Peter J. Barnes, MA, DM, DSc, Master FCCP


Editor’s Note: This series recognizes and highlights the accomplishments of individuals who have contributed greatly to chest medicine. To view the video interview with Dr Barnes, go to journal. publications.chestnet.org

Chance may have led Peter J. Barnes, MA, DM, DSc, Master FCCP, to respiratory medicine, but that chance decision led him to a long, accomplished career in respiratory research and education. More than 35 years ago, Dr Barnes faced an age-old dilemma: how to get a position without experience. After being turned down for research positions in endocrinology and gastroenterology, he was accepted into an asthma research project at Hammersmith Hospital. That first research opportunity sparked his enthusiasm and led to a lifetime career devoted to research and teaching in airway diseases. His findings have been instrumental in transforming the practice of chest medicine into its current state.

CHEST / 145 / 1 / JANUARY 2014


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